The sippyMASK announces release of social face mask line!

COVID-19 Drinking Eating Face Masks Social Face Mask

Chicago — June 16, 2020 —

The sippyMASK announced immediate availability of their brand new line of social face masks. “The sippyMASK is a social face mask with a magnetic adjustable mouth covering that makes drinking and eating possible without removing the mask!” said Charlie Howard, Co-Founder at The sippyMASK.

Positive Customer Impact

Many corporations have jumped on board ordering the social face masks for re-opening their on-site offices. The hospitality/entertainment industry are buying sippyMASKs to help limit the spread of COVID-19 and re-sell branded masks as retail in store to customers. Generating great interest from the event/sporting industry, the sippyMASK will look to be the go to branded social face mask allowing fans and customers to consume beverages or food.

The sippyMASKs Availability

The sippyMASKs is now available for purchase on the company website: and orders will be shipped direct to customer. It currently is available in 4 colors (Black, Blue, Grey, and Pink) and will offer children sized masks in the very near future. Founded in May, The sippyMASK plans to be the go to social face mask across all industries including entertainment, events, and corporate/local business.


The sippyMASK is a registered trademark of Off-Campus Social, LLC in the United States and/or other countries. The product is currently Patent Pending.

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For more information, please contact Taylor Grace

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