About Us

Hi! My name is Charlie, and I am the creator of the sippyMASK.

I was catching up with friends over Zoom in early April, and the topics of social distancing and face masks came up. We were discussing the different issues we had with our masks, and the one problem we all agreed was the most annoying was trying to eat and drink while wearing a mask. It was impossible!

We talked about how we missed going to restaurants and bars and how difficult it would be to eat and drink while wearing masks when they reopened. Were we  really going to have to take our masks off between every bite of food or sip of our drink? I looked online for a mask that would allow someone to eat and drink without having to remove it. While I found some with small slits for straws and others with mouth covers that were extremely difficult to remove, no mask worked in real life or looked like something I would want to wear. So, I decided to make my own.

After countless hours and prototypes, all with various functional or stylistic deficiencies, I finally arrived at a mask that allowed someone to snack and drink with ease and that also looked good. The name sippyMASK just fit too well and the rest is history.